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A collection of photographs and illustrations by Gulf Coast participants following the 2010 Deep Water Horizon oil spill.

Curated by Brandon Ballengée with Aurore Ballengée, Phillip Henken, Mike Madden and Gillian Wilson

Participants included: John Amos; Anonymous Shrimper, Alabama Gulf Coast; Erika  Blumenfeld; Lori Borsage. Capt. Lori DeAngeles; Benjamin Dubansky; Shane Elrod; Darlene Martin Eschete; Sarah Evanko; Susan Forsyth;  P.J. Hahn; Lisa Hollis; Basia Irland; Trisha James; Jacquee Markel Jorgensen; James H Kirby; Laurel Lockamy; Christina Markris; Ro Mayer; Ashley McCrea Strub; Mary Mobley; Denise Rednour; Kim Schulz; Charles Taylor; Shirley Tillman; Trisha Peters Williams and several other contributors whom wished to remain anonymous.